Sunday, 6 January 2013

I’d like to introduce Vixen my workout buddy and mini personal trainer.

She makes sure I don’t sleep in in the morning by jumping up and down on me, rolling against me, sniffing in my face etc. She whines at me when I haven’t taken her outside yet in the morning and she waits on the deck for me making sure I’m coming with her. She also lets me know in the afternoon when it’s time for another walk so that I don’t forget.

She is always ready for a walk and always wants to keep walking further and faster than I would want to go. She is like an energizer bunny. She pulls on her leash to drag me along faster when we’re walking.

She is also very willing to eat anything that I shouldn't be eating so that I don’t overeat. She also makes sure to let me know when regular meal times are by pacing and whining if I haven’t started to get food ready yet. Then she sleeps in between all meals so that I have no reminders to get up and eat.

She is so cute and best of all she never talks back! She is the best workout buddy!

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