Friday, 4 January 2013

2 days in

Ok, so this is so out of my element but I am working on being accountable.  So, below are my before photos.  I never plan on posting photos at this weight again.

I have already started with changing my food.  I am using SparkPeople to record my food and fitness. The link to my Spark page is  
I will also post here as much as I can.  Pictures don't lie so I will also post photos of my final #s on the treadmill if that is my workout for the day.  My workout this morning was an hour at an average of 2.8 mph.  

I am a planner and so I hope to get on track with planning my meals and workouts.  We live 40 mins outside of town and I work from home online so I go in as little as possible.  But I am thinking about getting a trainer.  I have two places in Red Deer that I want to check out and will do that next week.

Payday is next Tuesday and I will be in town so I am going to phone today and see if I can get appointments at the two gyms then.  I will also stock the fridge then too.  Most of what I have right now is not bad but it's not great food and I will be out by Tuesday.

Well I hope everyone is having a good day.  Cheers to your happiness & health!

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