Saturday, 12 January 2013

Food overload

Today is the first day I will follow my trainer's nutritional meal plan for all my meals and snacks. I just received it yesterday afternoon and only had supper from it.

Well today I feel like I'm eating sooooo much food.  I never ate this much before and I've only gotten through breakfast, lunch and two snacks.  I could probably not eat till tomorrow and feel satisfied but I still have dinner left.

Its going to be very hard to get used to the concept that you have to eat more to lose weight.  We are ingrained with eat less and move more.  So I will be moving more but I will also be eating more.  It's more of the right kind of food but it's still more.

Besides food I will be moving more.  Yesterday at the gym was the 2nd part of my fitness assessment. I did 9 push-ups (awful!) and 24 crunches (also awful!) and in a timed one minute I did 11 squats (even more awful!!).   We will retest this again in 4-6 weeks.  I can't wait to move those numbers from awful to something a little more respectful.

You would think with all of this planning and accountability with my trainer I would be set and it would be impossible to fail.  Well I hope so and I am certainly going to give it my all.  And hopefully in spite of my self esteem issues and laziness I will pull this off!

Health, here i come!!!!

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